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Nachthorn’s work is a variety of musical components from ethnical cultures to early European literature combined with a modern musical language that consists of the synthetic construction of sound and rhythm.


As a composer and musician, Nachthorn has always had a penchant for dark and mystical medieval atmospheres. Besides the passion for old European literature, a lot of ethnical sounds and rhythms can be heard in his collection.


Besides the sounds, which are being processed similarly to those in the EDM scene, you can hear many different interpretations of electronic subgenres. Despite a wide tempo range from 85 – 140 bpm, Nachthorn is most likely to be based in the Downtempo section.


In June 2018, Nachthorn released his first Extended Play Augmenta Lunae in which he experimented with melodies from classical composers like Tomaso Albinoni and Henry Purcell. The EP is mostly arranged in a slow Electro House style, whereas his two latest EPs Tribal Essentials and Distant Stories are settled in the Ethnical Downtempo genre. The fourth EP Yellow Silver was released in summer 2019. It marked yet another novelty as it was the first time that folk singer Bella Klaus appears on two out of five tracks.


Nachthorns latest release is a double EP with the title “AURORA " - Aurora Borealis & Aurora Australis. Collaborating with the singer Lizz he manufactured five songs in ten different EDM styles.

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